Friday, June 27, 2008

A Little Diddy About Jack and Diane….

...except no Jack or Diane and really only a diddy about L. I’ll move on...

I am fortunate to have the flexibility to spend Friday’s (for the most part) at home and work when I can fit it in (not really work at home, but be at home and work). Anywho, I love being at home with the kiddos, it grounds me and I find myself looking back at the day laughing at the little things that I miss while I am working. Take for instance L’s attempt at a nap today. Here is how the first 45 minutes went (and she was the one who told me she was tired and ready to go night-night):

~ 5 minutes into her nap, found her in the spare bed, watching tv (with the fan and radio turned on)
~ 10 minutes into her nap, jumping on her bed
~ 13 minutes into her nap, in our closet playing with whatever she can find (leaving a mess for me to clean up)
~ 18 minutes into her nap, peeked in because it was quite; she had a stack of books she was reading (left her be)
~ 21 minutes into her nap (short books), in my room jumping on the bed (with T sleeping soundly on the bed as well)
~ 30 minutes into her nap, playing with block in T's room
~ 35 minutes into her nap dancing to Shrek music (all of a sudden the music got louder….)

She is asleep now, don't know why she would be tired. Thought about trying to take a picture of her sleeping – she looks so sweet. But I want the sweetness to last just a few hours so I can get some stuff done.

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