Friday, November 28, 2008

Ten Minutes by Herself, That is All It Takes....

INSIDE I am laughing so hard that I had to post before I even clean up...

Notice the 6 or so Oreos that she has cleverly cleaned the frosting out of, with a spoon (heaven forbid she gets her fingers dirty). And, if you could see inside each of the cups you could see that each is filled with M&M's.

Seriously she was alone downstairs by herself for 10 minutes. Fair to say she is almost self-sufficient, if left alone and hungry she will find food, even if it is just M&M's, Oreo cookies and a previously unopened bag of sugar.

(she is looking over my shoulder looking at the pictures saying "L made just a little mess on the couch).

It gets even better, as I am cleaning up, I pick up the sugar and ask her:

Me: "Why did you open this? Did it taste good?"
L: "I didn't open it"
Me: "You didn't? Who did?"
L: "Brother did"

Of note - brother was upstairs, in his bed napping like she was supposed to be doing.

(also of note, I was in the house with the kids - I was upstairs, she down)

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