Thursday, February 19, 2009

Creative Juices....

Being creative makes me happy. I need to do it more often. Anything creative - plan a party (baby showers are my favorite!), make treats, wrap presents, sewing - anything creative, I am not picky. I have resolved to try and do 1 creative thing a week. If it turns out, I'll share it on here and if not, you’ll never know.

This week it was a shirt for L.

I got the tutorial here. You should check out this woman’s Etsy Shop – she has lots of cute things, my favorite being the messy butterfly pin. Even more admirable is that she is donating 100% of the proceeds to the Cora Paige Playground fund. I must warn you, if you click on the story be prepared to cry and be touched in ways you can’t imagine being touched by strangers. I have thought about this family everyday since I learned of their story almost a month ago. Maybe because my son is only 14 months old and I can’t even imagine. Or maybe because having children has made me a softy. Or maybe just because. Either way, I am sure your heart will ache for them as well.

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Julie said...

Sooooo cute!
Great job! Isn't it so easy? Love the birthday invite idea. I would freak out if one of my girls got something to wear to a party as the invitation. Might just have to copy you on that one!!!