Tuesday, March 3, 2009

File under "Things I don't want to forget"

For those of you that have children you know that they say and do things that you laugh at and think to yourself "I don't ever want to forget that". From there I do a REALLY great job of forgetting. I have done a pretty good job of capturing pictures.

BUT it is the words/actions that I want to capture. In an ATTEMPT to remember, every so often I am going to do a post where I list things that "I don't want to forget".

For instance:

  • L calls soup "SLOOOup"

  • That my son dances like a chicken. There doesn't even have to be music, you just have to ask him to dance and he bops up and down like a chicken eating chicken feed.

  • Everytime it snows overnight when L wakes up and sees it, she shouts "Yeah! It is Christmas Day!"

  • EVERY man with a beard L gets SUPER excited and says "There is Ho-Ho! Even to Dude's uncle. And the grouchy construction worker at the cafe, and the random man at the store. EVERY man with a beard

  • my little guy, T, CHOOSES to wear ONE shoe or boot at ALL TIMES. He'll bring me his boot and grunt at me until I put it on, then happily walks away and plays, for hours (well not hours, but hours in 14 month old time)

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